• Olivia Olsen

    Olivia Olsen

    Data visualisation design|cultural heritage research software engineer.PhD Design Engineering

  • John Catanzaro

    John Catanzaro

    John A. Catanzaro is CEO of Neo7logix, a bioscience company that designs precision and personalized treatment designs. www.neo7logix.com

  • Stelios Triantafyllides

    Stelios Triantafyllides

  • novalis



  • Andreas Marcus Mueller

    Andreas Marcus Mueller

  • Nisolomou


    Απλά ο μέσος ασυνήθιστος συγγραφέας σου. Εδώ γράφω ποίηση, στοχασμούς, και μικρές ιστορίες. *Έγραψα και ένα λαογραφικό μυθιστόρημα που μάχεται να γεννηθεί*

  • Eduard Oneci

    Eduard Oneci

    Co-Founder at ZoidPay (Blockchain & Strategy) / Co-Founder at Rewordly (Digital Marketing)

  • Haruki Atemi

    Haruki Atemi

    Dreamer, Speaker, Doer — Committed to inspire and empower others, addicted to never-ending learning.

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